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PC Repair Portland iNetPlanet, llc

iNetPlanet, LLC is a Portland, OR company that offers a wide range of computer support services for home and business users.

Services include PC Repair, laptop repair, upgrades, virus & spyware removal, data recovery (lost & deleted files), firewall and router installation, web site design, local area network set up, programming services, web site hosting, data recovery, and training.

The business started in 2005 in Phoenix, AZ. At the time, the founder was employed full time in an engineering laboratory with a Fortune 500 company and iNetPlanet was a part-time consulting endeavor. A few years later, he resigned from his Project Engineer position at the test lab in order to devote full attention to iNetPlanet.

iNetPlanet closed the Phoenix office in 2010 and moved Portland, OR. Following several visits to Portland in the preceding years, the owner decided it was time to relocate to the city he had grown to love.

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Today iNetPlanet's primary business activity is website hosting but we continue to provide computer repair, virus removal, data recovery, and software support services for home and business. Inetplanet, LLC takes pride in providing highly ethical services at very competitive prices. Client data confidentiality is an extremely high priority and extraordinary measures are taken to ensure that client data is treated securely.

The owner has an extensive electronics background including an Associates Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology and over 25 years of laboratory experience with large and small corporations. This excellent hardware background is complemented by decades of software programming experience and a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree from Arizona State University in Software Technology.

We proudly provide our clients true engineering expertise, as opposed to the marginally experienced, minimally trained technicians of some our competitors.

For more information about the company, including website design, web hosting, and consulting services, please visit iNetPlanet.net.

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