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PC Repair Portland iNetPlanet, llc

Computer repair charges are dependent on the specific nature of the Problem.  Most desktop computers with hardware failures are repaired for under $150.

Typically, we will evaluate your computer free of charge and provide a firm price quote for repair. This is not an estimate, but a firm quote. You will know exactly what to expect when you trust iNetPlanet, llc with your machine. If you are not happy with that, we'll return your computer without charging you a dime.

Laptop computers usually cost more to repair than desktops due to the additional labor involved and the higher cost of replacement parts.  A hard disk drive replacement, for example, generally costs $120 to $200, including software & data restoration.  Replacing a broken internal power connector usually costs about $200.

Virus removal can cost anywhere from $100 to $250 for both laptop and desktop PCs, depending upon the severity the problem.  Because each case is unique, our practice is to generally charge $150 or less.

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Our first priority is the preservation of your data. We understand that your documents, pictures, spreadsheets, and other files may be much more valuable to you than the computer hardware itself. Our proprietary data recovery techniques are applied to ensure the greatest likelihood of restoring your computer to normal operation and getting rid of the viruses, Trojans, and other malware that are impairing your computer's performance.

Many of our competitors will quote a lower price for virus removal, but they will simply attempt to kill the infection, leaving the residual damage that it caused. We have the expertise to fix your injured operating system. Our goal is to completely restore proper operation of your system while safeguarding your valuable data and protecting your confidential information.

There is no substitute for true technical skill and experience. We want your business and we want you to recommend us to people you know. The overwhelming majority of our clients are very pleased with our prices given the thoroughness of the work and the expertise that we bring to the job. Please take a moment to read the comments provided by our clients.

People sometimes ask if we have a "flat rate" for repair. iNetPlanet believes this advertising concept is deceptive. Here is an editorial comment on the subject.

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