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We are very proud of our outstanding customer satisfaction rating.  Our goal is to provide expert service at a reasonable price.  Most new clients are referred to iNetPlanet, llc by friends, family, and business associates, so we'll make sure you're happy with the service and price.

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Testimonials & Reviews

★★★★★ Google
"I used iNetPlanet to diagnose a dead laptop, and ultimately to rescue the hard drives from it. They were everything I could ask for in a computer service company. Fast, honest, inexpensive, and extremely knowledgeable about computers and fixing them. I can't recommend them highly enough! I'd give them ten stars if I could!"
Barbara Petersen
May 29, 2023

★★★★★ Yelp
"I was completely overwhelmed by a computer issue and all work had ground to a halt. I realized that I was spending WAY too much time trying to figure it out on my own. I called iNetPlanet and the owner, Bill. answered right way. He was able to come out that day to diagnose and fix the problem. His prices were extremely reasonable and I feel so relieved that I now have a reliable computer person to call on whenever things go awry."
Heidi N.
January 1, 2021

★★★★★ Yelp
Great Experience
"I had a great experience with inetplanet. I was called back promptly, and they professionally fixed my pc issue very promptly. the fees are reasonable also. I would highly recommend and I plan on using them for my law firm moving forward."
Grant E.
Engrav Law Office
Portland, Oregon

June 10, 2016

★★★★★ Yelp
Website Design
I highly recommend Bill at [iNetPlanet, LLC d.b.a.] Bridgetown Hosting for website design and troubleshooting. My old website had been hacked and was sending out spam. Google had blacklisted it and flagged it with a warning against clicking on the site. I contacted Bill to see what he could do. We worked together to design a new secure website and it was up and running in a few days. I have gotten many positive comments regarding the new design. The security against hacking is very strong. I'm impressed with his knowledge about internet technology and web design. He is articulate and willing to go the extra mile to make sure that I understand how to update and change my site.
Jim M.
Downtown Therapeutic Massage

Portland, OR
April 23, 2016

From LinkedIn.com
Improving Our Website
"Thank you Bill for your incredible work on improving our website. Your creativity, responsiveness and attention to detail yielded great results. Our site is now easy to read, provides better access to important information and we continue to receive compliments.I will recommend you to my colleagues and look forward to working together in the future."
David M.
Oregon Health & Science University
June 23, 2015

★★★★★ insiderpages.com
Saved my tuchas!
"What a relief! After my system crashed I thought I was sunk. Computer wouldn't start. It was fixed quickly at a good price and they also got back all my pictures from my other computer, a long dead laptop. Very pleased!"
Jerry S.
Portland, Oregon

October 12, 2014

From MojoPAGES
Excellent Service
"Had a virus removed. They save my pictures and files. I was very pleased with service and price."
Alex S.

Portland, OR
June 24, 2012.

From OregonLive.com
Lost all Files iNetPlanet Recovers Them
"A terrible accident happened to my computer. All data was totally wiped off my drive. I was depressed like you could not imagine. A friend found iNetPlanet. I sent my drive to them, within days it was ready for me. At least 93% of the data was recovered. My brokken heart was repaired. The price was excellent, time was fast, and cutomer service was the best. The big companies were really not interested in my problem unless I was willing to spend my LIFE savings. Then they were telling me it would be weeks before the job was done. I learn a vaulable lesson that I knew and had not practiced. BACK YOUR COMPUTER UP!!! I got Inetplanet on speed dial and FACEBOOK to my friends. I want everyone to know."
Linda Gilder

Phoenix, AZ
May 2011

From Google Maps (Phoenix Location)
Come Back!!!
"We need you! You are the best computer tech that we have ever worked with. Friendly, concerned, informative and a whole bunch of other positive adjectives. My only downer is that you went and moved away on us. Do you think you can split yourself in two and send one half back here to Phoenix?"
Fazzari Floor Covering
Phoenix, AZ
May 25, 2011

From Google Maps (Phoenix Location)
Honesty, Dedication, Reliability
"Bill where are you? I miss you? How could you have left me?. It is hard to find someone with such high integrity, honesty, dedication, reliability, rapid response that is knowledgeable in his area of expertise with such a warm and helpful personality ready and willing to go the extra mile to help out with such a low fee. Even now that he has moved out of state, I know I can call him and he helps me out. I wish there was another, Bill. If there is I have yet to find one. I highly recommend Bill. "
Phoenix, AZ
May 22, 2011

From Linkedin.com
Excellent IT work and computer repair
"I have referred... other clients. I recommend [iNetPlanet] without hesitation."
Michael R.
May 18, 2011

From oregonlive.com
5 Stars
"Excellent Service & Reasonable Prices. I would recommend iNetPlanet to anyone looking for computer assistance. "

"I called... iNetPlanet on a Saturday and had my computer back by Sunday! ...my computer had a virus... When I got my computer back it was completely fixed and all my files were still intact."
Amy, Portland, OR.
May 2011

From oregonlive.com
5 Stars
“My computer runs so much faster... needed to know if it was worth fixing... fixed under 200 and was ready in 2 days (which exceeded my expectations). ”
Margie L., Portland, OR
March 2011

From yelp.com
5 Stars
“Inetplanet has helped my business in so many different ways. Thank you Inetplanet.”
Troy A.
A Family Affair Pet Grooming
March 2011

From Insider Pages
The Greatest!
“Superior small business support!
Inetplanet has helped us in many ways during our 2+ year relationship. Repair, network, advise, training...The Works!”
Quentin P.
February 26, 2011

From portland.citysearch.com
Good Service, Good Price
“They fixed my laptop quickly and at a reasonable price after my hard drive crashed and wouldn't boot up.”
Susan W.
February 2011

From maps.google.com
Excellent Company
“Excellent company to work with, very prompt and knowledgeable. Would certainly use them in the future.”
Scott S.
Source Direct Construction Imports
December 2010

From Yahoo Local
Fixed broken laptop
Fixed my broken laptop power socket quick! When my HP dv5000 power jack broke, I was in a big hurry to get it working again. They picked up my laptop from my office and brought it back to my house the next day."
Kevin T.
Novmber 4, 2010

From Linkedin.com
Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
"...very knowledgable and reliable source for computer repair, I have recommended his services to friends of mine and will continue to do so."
Brian Huck
October 20, 2010

From Linkedin.com
Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
“Bill was able to recover all of my files from my laptop even after I erased the hard disk. Not only did he recover my files but he provided excellent advice on how to better protect my system. I have recommended Bill to several co-workers and they too have had a great experience.”
Kevin Jackson
Regional Director,  Robeks Juice
September 2010

From Linkedin.com
Great Results, Expert, Good Value
“Bill is not only a great problem solver with a deep knowledge of his subject but he is an excellent teacher as well. The result is that your problem gets fixed but you also learn why it happened and how to avoid it in the future. He's easy to work with and gives real value for the money!! Sorry to see him leave Phoenix.”
September 2010

From Linkedin.com
Personable, Good Value, High Integrity
“I hired Bill twice to fix PC problems at our house. I passed him along to our in-laws, who also used him multiple times. Great guy, trustworthy, high integrity, no nonsense, works to get the issues resolved before seeking compensation. Reasonable prices. He rewarded our trust with strong service....my family highly recommends him!” September 28, 2010
Jason Greenwood
September 2010
Director of Marketing, Peter Piper, Inc

From Superpages.com
Very honest!!!
"...fixed two of my computers from viruses and errors from a previous company that charged me an arm and a leg. He must have fixed my computers about 6 months ago and they are running perfect since. His price is quite low for the service he provides. He also educated about the problems affecting our computers which was awesome because I have used 3 other services that just took in my computer and then when finished asked to pick them up without informing me much of what was going on. Thanks for your great help!"
August 2010

From Kudzu.com
A Wonderful Find!
"A few weeks ago, the PC tech I relied on for years moved out of state. As fate would have it, my computer went south not long after. On a hunch I called iNetPlanet and did I luck out! My problem was diagnosed and repaired quickly, and the bill was so reasonable I thought there'd been an error. I couldn't be more pleased."
Dallas S.
May 2010

From Superpages.com
Knowledgeable & inexpensive
"...restored my dead laptop. He was very knowledgeable, responded quickly, and provided very prompt service. He did a great job and was ridiculously inexpensive for the service he provided.
April 2010

From Kudzu.com
Fast and Effective at a Resonable Price
Bill quickly and effectively removed a trojan horse from my computer with no data loss at a very reasonable price. Bill is trustworthy and very knowledgable."
March 6, 2010

From Kudzu.com
Outstanding value and cool car!!
Geek squad couldn't get to me for 2 weeks. Bill picked up my PC next morning. Had it fixed,cleaned and added 2GB memory in less than 24 hours. Works great now! Lots of good pointers/recommendations. Best value!"
February 26, 2010

Fast and Effective at a Reasonable Price
"...quickly and effectively removed a trojan horse from my computer with no data loss at a very reasonable price. ...trustworthy and very knowledgable."
PC Person
March 2010

From Kudzu.com
Passionately and Patient
Bill was a lot of help as he helped me transfer of my desktop to my new notebook. He also helped me trouble shoot accessing my work site that I had made an incorrect choice. This was impressive as it is a selective program and it took some trouble shooting but he figured it out. Always polite, patient, and passionate about what challenges the job called for. He always answers his phone and he..."
August 25, 2009

From Superpages.com
Five Stars
"Had Bill work on several computers. Each time he responded with full professional courtesy, explained everything to me, and priced his work fairly. I have already recommended him to friends, and he has served them well, too."
Gloriana Hunter
June 2009

From Kudzu.com
You got a friend in the computer business
Nothing extra was done to or installed on the computer. Communication is top notch. Could not beat the quality and value of service. Thanks!"
April 13, 2009

From Kudzu.com
Virus woes fixed, data saved
Thanks to iNet for saving data I thought I would lose as viruses attacked my laptop. Very scary scenario. Service was friendly and timely. Kept me informed every step of the way. "
April 7, 2009

From Kudzu.com
Laptop Repair at Low Price
"My laptop was repaired for LESS than quote provided before repair! Other company wanted over $300 just to look at it. iNetPlanet fixed it for $200."
LBC Sales
March 3, 2008

Great Service, Quality, and Price
"...did an excellent job of coming up with a solution to a complex home networking problem. I would recommend him again. "
January 2009

From Kudzu.com
Incredible Job
"Bill was awesome. He was accessible, curtious and took care of our issues in a timely manner. I will be referring him to anyone I know who is looking for technical help with their computers."
Fazzari Floor Covering
November 11, 2008

From Kudzu.com
Great experience
"Bill was very knowledgeable and prompt in returning calls. He was willing to work around our schedule to ensure we received the service we needed in a convenient manner."
November 5, 2008

From Kudzu.com
Best Choice you could make!!!
"Bill is awesome! He really knows what he's doing, and does it right... the first time! He's brilliant, fast, and meticulous about the details... PLUS!!! He's prices are fair and he sticks to his quotes. What a GREAT experience I've had with iNetPlanet!!!"
July 23, 2008

From Kudzu.com
Honest, fair priced & very thorough.
"This is the second computer that Bill has retrieved data from and in both cases he has done a fantastic job and been a pleasure to work with. I will definitely use him again and also highly recommend his services."
July 8, 2008

Honest, Knowledgable, Fair, Smart!
"I first made the mistake of going to one of the big corporate "geek" companies. They charged big bucks and did not fix the problem. The Inetplanet engineer was exactly the opposite --fixed it fast at a low price! I highly recommend them!
July 2007

From Kudzu.com
I Got My Photos Back!
"Bill helped me get back photos saved in my camera after accidently erasing them. He was polite, fast, and the price was more than fair! I recommend this service."
March 12, 2007

Notably good service experience
"Whatever was buggin' my computer is gone! The service was prompt, the problem was explained and solved, and the price was fair. I recommend Inetplanet and would definitely call again."
November 2006

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